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Eielson AFB, AK Eielson AFB, AK Housing
            HOUSING          RELOCATION

You have several options available. Subject to availability you may live on post. You may also qualify to either rent or purchase off-post.

Basic Allowance for Housing
Your BAH will be used in one of two ways. You can either rent on post, or you can live off post. If you live off post, you can either rent or buy. Click Here for current BAH rates.

Eielson AFB, AK Housing (On-Post)
The number to the Eielson AFB, AK Housing office is 907-377-1840.

Off Post Single Family Rentals
You can choose to rent off post / base if you wish. Check our listing for available single-family homes.

Apartments for Rent
Click here for apartments.

Purchase a Home

Financial Freedom comes from having cash flow to do what you want, when you want. Owning a home is one of the surest ways to build wealth. You may want to consider using your BAH to invest in yourself through home-ownership. Both officers and enlisted personnel have used this approach to reduce their tax burden, provide a house for their family, increase their net worth and choose where they would like to live rather than being told "where to live".

Click here for a free relocation buyer's guide and access to area home listings.

Home Loan Application Process

It's as simple as:

STEP 1) Print and complete a statement of service form. Note for veterans or prior service members: in lieu of a statement of service letter, we will need you to send us your DD-214.

STEP 2) Print and complete the request for certificate of Eligbility VA Form 1880

STEP 3) Complete the online pre-qualification form.

The housing office at Eielson Air Force Base is located in Building 2529 and can help with either on-base or off-base housing arrangements. Housing at Eielson Air Force Base offers housing for all ranks, subject to availability. Each housing units has a refrigerator, washer, dryer and a dishwasher as well as trash compactor. Waiting times vary depending on rank, length of service and family size. There are over 1,000 family housing units available. For more information about housing applications or wait lists, call the housing office at Eielson Air Force Base at 907-377-1840 or DSN 317-377-1840.
For off-post housing, the Eielson Air Force Base housing office can also offer assistance with BAH rates as well as offering a list of available properties for rent or purchase. Many properties offer discounts for military personnel and their families. Call 907-377-1840 or DSN 317-377-1840 for more information regarding off-post housing availability near Eielson Air Force Base.

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