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   Monday, November 20th   
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The host unit at Eielson Air Force Base is the 354th Fighter Wing and its historical groups and squadrons.

354th Fighter Wing 907-377-6101
354th Maintenance Group 907-377-5272
354th Medical Group 907-377-3641
354th Mission Support Group 907-377-3258
354th Operations Group 907-377-2114
Although the 354th Operations Group did not officially get its start until 1993 when the 354th Fighter Wing moved to Eielson AFB, the much older 354th Fighter Group transferred its history to the OG. The FG began in 1942 and flew Bell P-39 Airacobras and North American P-51 Mustangs on the West Coast until it entered World War II in 1944. Thanks to its experience testing the long-range capabilities of the P-51 Mustang and its success in Europe supporting the war, the group earned a Distinguished Unit Citation while stationed in England later that year. Also in early 1944, a 354th Colonel single-handedly took on 30 German enemy aircraft and was awarded a Medal of Honor for his actions. During spring of the same year, the group was credited with destroying dozens of enemy planes during missions over Mannheim and Magdeburg with very little damage to its own aircraft. They flew escorts and patrols on D-Day and, just days after, left for a brand-new position in France. After many more missions from France, the group earned another DUC and kept up the aggressive action in Holland and during the Battle of the Bulge at the end of 1944. With 701 confirmed kills, the 354th ended the war with the most destroyed enemy aircraft of any American unit. It was deactivated in 1946. When Myrtle Beach AFB was closed in 1993, the 354th Fighter Wing was reactivated at Eielson AFB and the Operations Group was also brought out of inactivation so its history would not be lost. The OG continues to serve under the Fighter Wing.
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